Newish mix

I listened to this the other day on the train between Wurzburg and Frankfurt and surprised myself for liking it all the way through. I was going to post it when I made it, but didn't as the ending is the same as another old one. This was inspired by Ravé Trois and starts off low-slung and woozy, goes a bit mongy, mutates into something somewhat savage with some classic Nitzer Ebb and finally calms down with plaintive melancholia and bleeps.

Speedy J & George Issakidis — Sculpture 1986
Kassem Mosse — No Peace No Love No Unity
Blagger — Strange Behaviour (DJ Koze remix)
Margaret Dygas — Invisible Circles
Levon Vincent — Invisible Bitchslap
Jack Master — Bang The Box
Nitzer Ebb — Join In The Chant
Fanon Flowers — Acid Kush/Kush Drums
D'Marc Cantu — No Control
Master C&J — Dub Love
Cassy — Night To Remember
Sweet Exorcist — Test One

If you like this keep checking back for news of Ravé Quattro. Or find the Ravé page on Facebook. Innit.

Postscript. I just realised there's an invisible segue in here: Margaret Dygas' Invisible Circles into Levon Vincent's Invisible Bitchslap. Covert operations indeed.

Anonymous –   – (25 September 2009 at 12:49)  

Hysterical you've put Nitzer Ebb on there - well it is to me anyway! Me & my little gaggle of mates were NE groupies, we used to follow them everywhere.....aaaaah them's were the days!
Looks like you've have an amazing trip, get back shnell like and do us a slide show!
x Amanda x

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