Here's a short interview I recently did with Andrei Kaigorodov about my project The Sartorialtwist

Who is Harry Woodrow?
I am an artist and creative director from London

Where did this idea come from? 
Mostly because I wanted to inject some much needed chaos into streetstyle blogs, which were something that had originally been fascinating windows into local styles and subcultures, but I felt had unwittingly succeeded in killing those things that they were celebrating. I say this as I think that in a lot of ways the internet with its instant and incessant recording and broadcasting has created a virtual global homogeny in 'streetstyle' — go to any city in the (developed) world and you get exactly the same tribes as you do in any other city in the world, there's much less local incubation of ideas and an true underground has become impossible. Saying all that, I'm sure this will change as we humans learn to deal with this new world we've created, and it will get interesting again in ways that I can't even imagine.

What's the response to the project? 

It's been really good, and very broad in its audience, I've had appreciation from all kinds of people — 14 year old fashion bloggers in Taipei, gender theorists in New York, the international design and fashion press, and lots of people who just find it very entertaining. 

You also invite "rightful owner of images" to get in touch with you.  Did he (I mean Scott)? 
Not yet... I've emailed him a couple of times, but no response. From this I can only assume that he's being quietly tolerant, which is good as I initially worried I'd get a cease and desist letter pretty quickly. If I ever saw him on the street I'd go and have a chat for sure.