Berlin 10/06/10

I'll be in Berlin for this, ostensibly for the (somewhat coals-to-Newcastlesque) purpose of exhibiting our LowTechno drum machine. Function and Cio D'or, two DJs I've wanted to experience for a long time.

UPDATE. Bollocks, I'm going to miss this. Work commitments mean I'll get there the day after. Das ist Schei├če!


Raw rhythmic techno — Tip!

Bickley getting busy on the Multistorey LowTechno machine. See for more information. The show runs until the 24th of May in London, and from the 12th of June to the 3rd of July in Berlin.



There seems to be a theme developing here

Charlotte Rampling as Venus in Furs, by Helmut Newton



A selection of very good tracks that I have mixed together in a somewhat amateurish fashion. Portland to Stockholm to Leipzig to Manchester to Detroit and Paris to Berlin to Hamburg to London via Berlin.

Some more info on a few of the artists: The Miracles Club is the house project of Jackie O Motherfucker's Honey Owens; Oni Ayhun is the male half of The Knife and putting out some fucking great and diverse tracks, as well as a very good podcast for the always fascinating MNML SSGS. Cassy I've written about before; Hauntologists is the pairing of Jay Ahern (also here as Cheap & Deep) and Stefan Schneider of To Rococo Rot.

The Miracles Club — Chango (White Rainbow mix)
Oni Ayhun — OAR003/B
Kassem Mosse — Workshop 08/A1
Claro Intelecto — Momento
Carl Craig & Laurent Garnier — Demented Drums (Version)
Cheap & Deep — Tight
Frozen Border — FB04/A1
Cassy — Soul Saviour
Hauntologists — EP1/A1
Sascha Funke — Mango Cookie (DJ Koze remix)
Mount Kimbie — William (Tama Sumo & Prosumer remix)