Luchino Visconti's childhood

From Paradis magazine, issue 5. That upbringing sounds incredible, like an Italian aristocratic fantasy from the mind of Wes Anderson. Who would play the role of tutor? Bill "Groundhog Day Ghostbustin' Ass" Murray?


Tattoo on titty saying B.I.G.

Another cherished old mix tape, dug out and digitised. This one is from Alex Baby, one time member of 23 Skidoo and then of Ronin Records, a London hip hop label. He DJed a lot in the 90s, with a residency at Rotation, but I can't find any information on what he's up to now. I think this tape was something to do with either the International Stüssy Tribe or the High Power parties that Michael Koppelman and Fraser Cooke used to put on intermittently, but I can't fucking remember, it was ages ago. Sound quality is pretty bad, as mine is a second generation copy that I taped off Ben's original. This would get many repeat listens on the 2nd year studio tape player, the one with all the Ralph pony stencils sprayed on it.

This is a wonderful hour and a half, from the mid 90s golden era of Sean "Puffy" Combes, DJ Premier, the first wave of Wu Tang albums, The Nod Factor and Mary J. There's plenty of R'n'B to get the girls on the dance floor, but tempered with loads of good hip hop to keep the boys that don't dance happy. To ice the cake, it includes the Bad Boy mix of Mariah Carey's Sweet Fantasy, which is one of the most sublime pieces of music ever recorded.

Download LINK FIXED 

Update 24/07/12 I just googled Alex Baby and found him modelling for Stüssy...


Music for spring

A new mix of mine. Starts with some Scout, slowly moves into raw jacking territory, before descending into grindy and sleazy cross-dancefloor sexual come-ons.

Scout Niblett — Dare!
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli — Devotion
Digitaline — Altra
DJ Minx — A Walk In The Park (Villalobos 'Till Thursday' Rmx)
Hauntologists — EP 2 B1
Horizontal Ground — All The Way Back
Cassy — Somelightuntothenight
EQD — Equalized 001/B
A Made Up Sound — On And On
Basic Channel — Phylyps Trak II/II
Mike Dunn — Let It be House
Horizontal Ground — 001/B
STL — Do The Undo
Aaron Carl — Down
!!! — Shitscheissemerde (Part 2)