Hamburg to Rostock

I listened to a mix called In Clouds by this Koln based DJ, Cio d'Or. It's a bit slower and more dubby than usual for her, she plays quite psychedelic, deep, driving techno and her mixes have become real favourites of mine. I discovered during my second day in Hamburg that she'd played the night before in a really nice tiny club called Golden Pudel (poodle). That pissed me right off, as I would have been about 500 metres away at the time, having a beer. I've never heard her play in the flesh, though according to her website she's coming to London in November. Cio is one of the many amazing artists I've been introduced to by mnmlssgs, so thanks to Chris and the others for that one. There's usually more mixes on Cio's website as well (Polarlicht 22 being my favourite). Get thee stuck in.
Download In Clouds

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