Meta Memphis

As everyone's been banging on about Ettore Sottsass and Memphis, I thought I should show some long-neglected furniture pieces that my dad Bill Woodrow — plus other artists including Franz West, Alighiero Boetti, Sol Lewitt, Mimmo Paladino and Lawrence Weiner — created for the Memphis company in 1991, the Meta Memphis Collezione 1991.

In the catalogue's introduction, Marco De Michelis describes the artists' temporary role as designers:
"[they] seem to deal with this topic by following two basic lines of thought: on the one hand, a return to memory and tradition looking for the archetypal figures of home life and, on the other hand, a conceptual handling of objects by using unusual materials and functional combinations. An attribute of this is that such attitudes are perfectly interchangeable and complementary".

Bill Woodrow — Ellen I, 1991

Bill Woodrow — Ellen I, 1991
Bill Woodrow — Harry, 1991

Bill Woodrow — Ellen III, 1991

Bill Woodrow — Ellen II, 1991
Bill Woodrow — Ellen II, 1991
Bill Woodrow — Pauline, 1991

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