R.I.P. Eric Rohmer 1920 – 2010

Je suis trés triste.

It's always worth watching the interviews with Rohmer that are normally extras on the DVDs, as it's incredible to learn just how meticulously planned and scripted his films were, down to the colours of objects in the characters' rooms, and the pictures they have on their walls. There is a real magic at work, where films that on first appearance can seem so slight can wield such power and stay with you for a lifetime.

When I was a kid my dad went to Paris for work, and he bought back the same Pauline a la Plage poster as shown here, as a present for my mum, whose name is also Pauline. It was incredibly creased, as if it had been crunched up into a ball. He must have had to steal it off a wall or pull it through a tiny hole in a broken frame. We managed to flatten it out somewhat and it was drawing-pinned to my bedroom wall for a while, next to the bunkbed I shared with my sister.

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